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This is our LOYALIZT BAND's blog and still new with it. We invite people to visit our blog and feel free to post comments and also you might want to check out our photos & videos by clicking on the menu tab located at the right sidebar. Sorry for the simple layout.

Thank you for visiting and posting comments. We really appreciate that. Guys if you got blogs to share with, please let us know and state the blog site on the chatbox. Thank you!! *peace* ^_^v



Friday, 22 January 2010

Year End Showcase 2009 Event

We had performed on the night of 19th and the day of 20th December 2009 with ALILAH & UNLIMITED for the Year End Showcase 2009 held at Indoor Stadium. Two songs (Oh Baby Please! & Saat Jatuh Cinta) were played on 19th and three songs from ALILAH (Oh Baby Please!, Siapa & Bukan Untukku) on 20th. There were also other performances by our local acts like D'hask, Magabu & The White Shoes, A Band Once, Thermal Collision, Dillah The Seeds, Rafiz, Nash, Adib P2F (Wave Band), Feez Madea, Maria Khoo (JIS) and more.

Well, thank you to who're watching us rocking the stage for that two days and also Media hub for inviting us to perform. Guys if you want us to play at your party or any events. Just contact us by sending to our email or leave us a message at Chatbox. InsyaALLAH we would play for you if all the members are fine with it.

Only three recorded videos have been uploaded on Youtube during YES2009. Sorry for the video quality. You can click the link here to watch our videos.

LOYALIZT Feat. ALILAH & UNLIMITED Rehearsal for YES 2009

On 13 December 2009, we had our rehearsal together with our Brunei's popular artist ALILAH & UNLIMITED for the YES 2009 (Year End Showcase 2009) held on 19th & 20th December 2009. The rehearsal was at LOYALIZT Studio at Keriam at Waqi's place. The rehearsal was full of fun and excitement even though it was a tiring moment to make it perfect since this is our first performance invited by Brunei media hub.

We've uploaded the rehearsal pictures and videos on LOYALIZT Photo Albums & Videos.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Night Celebration before Waqi's Sister (Kaka Aizah) Wedding on 15th August 2009

This was a great night for LOYALIZT to perform. Why?? coz we played on a big stage built by Waqi's dad ehe. The stage was cool and I would say it was just like performing at padang. The night was filled with entertainment besides us performing like karaoke, lucky draw, ber-mukun sessions, bingo and the amazing popular dance "POCO POCO". Two of the crews were very "expert" with the steps and yes they were the leaders. I'd better not mention the name..ehe but it was excited to watch them nari-nari ehe..We ended the night at around 2 am. If I had the POCO POCO dance video, I will post it here..sayang eh~ n_n. Well we've only have few pictures to share and thanks to Jabing Aura Zone. The pictures below were taken from his blog and feel free to visit his blog (Jabing Aura Zone).



Monday, 18 January 2010

Jamming With Loyalizt (20/12/08)

This was a jamming night on 20th December 2008. We're finding new songs to play which were Dajjal by Bumi Putera Rockers (BPR), Seruan by Lefthanded (Concert version), Power Rangers by DragonForce, Jamilah Jamidong by E'capede Band and others. We just played repeatedly each song until all satisfied with it then began finding next song.

Basically, we listen to the songs. Then everyone will try to find the chords, guitar lines, bass lines and drum lines on our own for the upcoming jamming session. That's our style of findings.


We only have three pictures with a low quality pixels captured by using hand phone and we're sorry for that. Two members were missing in the pictures. They were Udin (because he's the one who took the picture ) and syar (because he was busy with his ITB's project ). We plan to have our Loyalizt's Photographer and videographer soon, InsyaALLAH.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Brief history on naming "LOYALIZT" BAND

"LOYALIZT" - How do we come up with it?? As mention before it relates to loyalty of the members in the group. At first, we named the band "ROYALIST". On one occasion during our first performance on stage with a big crowd in celebrating His Majesty's Birthday, then we began to change the name to "LOYALIST" as "ROYALIST" could cause much of a controversy or else we were kicked out from performing. Finally, we made a small change of "S" to "Z" just to make it sounds cooler. End of story!!

Thursday, 14 January 2010


LOYALIZT BAND is a fresh new Brunei's local group band and that is our band. The band consists of five major players. We have been started this band since the year 2003. We form this group because we all have same interest that is MUSICS!! Although we don't know how to read music notes and stuffs, but we assure you that we surely can play music. We all have our own basic specialty and need to do more practice to improve our skills.

On 3rd November 2009, We had launched our first new single titled "SAAT JATUH CINTA" on Pelangi FM with the support from KLIK Record Production and thanks to DJ Aliff for playing our song on Pelangi FM. Alhamdulillah the song could be accepted by some music fans and friends. We actually play mostly rock 80's, 90's and also new kind of artists songs as long the songs are interesting and nice to us and to audience. Overall, we play commercial type of songs. You can just click this link -->> ( to download our first new single song. Feel free to comment after you've listened to the song.

We're still planning to create more songs and it will take time. "The meaning of loyalty", "The sound of the Brave" and "The Work of the Courage" are the LOYALIZT BAND themes. From the meaning of "Loyalty", the band named it to LOYALIZT BAND as the band doesn't want the members to be separated. Let the LOYALIZT BAND members be together forever.

So guys we need your support to make us to the top. Thank you.